Chair Person

Chairperson Message

With a commitment to provide higher, technical & professional education of global standards, Cambridge Institute of Polytechnic aims at bringing an educational experience that empowers the student are encouraged to explore, innovate, develop and create in different field of engineering.

With best infrastructure and sprawling open campus, students are encouraged to convert their passion to professional career. With assisted placement and vast career options, CIP has partnered with leading corporate houses to train students in the most recent technologies advancement. We are proud to be the leading and most successful professional institute in the state. I have been firm believer that achievements come to those who go beyond the training, beyond the planning, beyond the motivation & into the zone of effective action.

A little bit of focussed effort can go a long way in fulfilling your ambition, by enhancing your enthusiasm and your effectiveness. Once you take a step to join CIP, a whole new world of brilliant possibility will open up to you and it will be once in a lifetime experience.

Smt. Janki Devi