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Student Discipline

Cambridge Institute of Polytechnic expects a high degree of discipline and decorum among the student community. They are expected to be smartly dressed at all times of the day and follow a code of conduct and good behavior inside and outside the campus. Students discipline in the campus will be continuously monitored.Students are not permitted to break the framed rules and discipline inside the campus. They are expected to be well behaved and disciplinedwith all the staff members, (both teaching and non-teaching) and the management. In case any act of indiscipline is noticed, serious action as per the norms and recommendation of the disciplinary committee will be taken against the erring student/ students.

Students shall not damage the property of the institute. Any damage to the institute property will be charged from the student or group of students, and fine may also be imposed / charged.

As per the Supreme Court Order "Ragging in any form is banned". Strict action as per norms will be taken against those indulging in such activities.


  • It is mandatory for the student to secure a minimum attendance of 75% in each subject in all semesters.
  • Any student failing to satisfy minimum attendance requirement will not be permitted to take up the ensuing semester examination.